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Shipping Policy

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Shipping Policy

 Because our toys are CUSTOM MADE, It's Imposible to Quote a shipping charge. Orders usually contain multiple toys. We ship with UPS or USPS, whichever costs less. We don't add any extra charges for handling, UPS has two ways to calculate the cost, by weight. or by box size. They don't make it easy. We have estimated the shipping charge by TOTAL COST.When we print a shipping label, IF THE COST IS LESSyou only pay that amount IF THE COST IS MORE,WE PAY THE DIFFERENCE. Your VISA, MASTER CHARGE, ETC, will be credited. Thanking you in advance, for your order...........JEFF&BARBARA@BIRDTOYSETC.


919-562-0402   Jeff@birdtoysetc.com  

Shipping Estimates

$0-$100   $12

$100-$200    $18

$200-$300   $26

$300-$400   $39

$400-$500   $55

$600-$700   $65

$700-$800   $75

$800-$900   $85

$900-$1000   $95

$1000-$1500   $115

$1500-$2000   $135